Aran Galligan is a multidisciplinary materialsmith – prolifically creating work in whatever material is exciting their brain at the moment.

Beachcomber Rings

I’ve always been drawn to beach rocks, mesmerized by finding the ones that speak to me out of the multitude. I select each stone for its unique shape, color, and texture, allowing the inherent character of the rock to guide my creative process. These rocks bear the scars and stories of their journey.

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Wall Quilts

Adorn your wall with soft textiles. These quilts are designed to live on your walls. Some of these are patchwork quilts composed in an improvisational way. Others began as collages or paintings, printed with reactive inks on cotton fabric, and then transformed into quilts.

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Lined Tote Bags

Tote along all your necessities in style! Hand-crafted with all cotton materials, this bag is perfect for grabbing and going. 

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